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Aslan Adopted!

We are delighted to tell you all that after two corrective eye surgery procedures, a dental procedure including the removal of 13 teeth, our King Aslan has spent the last week settling in his new home.

Despite previous behavioural / emotional issues in his foster home, Aslan has not once displayed any concerning behaviour at all in his purrfect and fur-ever home

This is what his Adoptive Mum says about him:

❤️ “We have been busy having tummy tickles and playing with his feather wand but as i live on my own (well not anymore!) its difficult to take pics🤣 but i will try. He loves being grommed and playing with the brush/tv remote,
He using his scratching board with help of catnip, and gives the best snuggles. I have deep window sills so he loves looking out and chatting with the birds/resident pheasant. No accidents and eating his own body weight in cat biscuits daily! Honestly he is doing so well, I really do think he is happy here, I certainly am. Thank you so much xx”❤️