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Caramel and Caramac Update

You may remember Caramel and Caramac that were left outside the rescue gates a while ago. We are delighted to tell you that they have both had the necessary veterinary care and that Caramac has left the care of the Sanctuary. We have yet to find the purrfect home for Caramel.

Often cats that come through the Sanctuary are traumatised by their previous experiences. Caramel is currently receiving lots of love and attention in her foster home, and here is what her fosterer says about her:

Caramel is the sweetest little lady.
She is very vocal when you first meet her which you might think is her being standoffish but actually she is wanting to tell you that she is there and for you to give her a fuss (on her term obviously!)
If you put your hand out for her to sniff first she will give you the seal of approval which is a head boink and then you can fuss her.
And her fur. When you stroke her she is as soft as silk.
Caramel can be picked up but she doesn’t like it that much. So she would love an owner who would respect this.
She definitely does not like the vets though so again someone who understands that she is nervous and will be patient and reassuring with her.
Caramel loves watching what is going on so she’s at home on the top of her cat tree.
She’s a very clean lady who uses her litter tray
She liked playing with her wand toy.
She is definitely a Bengal with cattitude and would love a quiet child free calm home where she can be the centre of your world🧡🧡🧡

If you think you could offer Caramel and exactly what she needs and are looking to adopt now please complete the pre adoption enquiry form by clicking the link below