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Humpty Dumpty Update

Humpty Dumpty Update. Many of you will be following our little HDs journey.

Born several weeks premature, with no fur or facial features, skin like tissue paper and no suckle reflex. Hd was hand-reared and every month of his life there have been adversity for him to overcome.

He has had at least 2 haemorrhagic strokes, his mobility is poor, his nutritional intake is completely reliant on the volunteers to support him and 3 weeks ago he took a dip and was fighting for his life on intravenous fluids.

I am pleased to tell you that that despite all his challenges, Humpty Dumpty is currently in the best condition he ever has been. He is more alert, with much improved mentation, he is taking all his nutritional support well and loves Royal Canin Recovery Liquid, his weight is the best it has ever been, his coat is shiny and his body condition is good.

Look how happy he looks in the photo below and he is sat up supporting himself too.

He is just having his daily boost of nutritional support and top up of Recovery Liquid we are delighted that his condition is improving every day.