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Caramel Update

We are delighted to tell you that Caramel has now left Bradford Cat Watch Rescue & Sanctuary and now found her Purrfect and Furever home and is settling in just fine.

We have (not surprisingly) received a lot of enquiries to adopt Caramel and Caramac simply due to their breed. As well as the adoption enquiries a few came with the promise of a substantial donation to specifically go towards these 2 cats care with the additional condition that THEY WILL BE THE ONES ADOPTING THEM!

This is not how we work Bradford Cat Watch Rescue & Sanctuary!

We do not value one breed of cat over another.

Regarding donations unless we are doing a special appeal to support / sponsor a specific cats care / veterinary treatment, all our funds are pooled together and shared amongst the cats based on NEED, NOT BREED.