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Clara and Connie Update

Over the last 10 days, behind the scenes at Bradford Cat Watch Rescue & Sanctuary I have made it my challenge to facilitate establishing a relationship between Clara and her kitten Connie. 11 days ago Connie was born by ceaserian and revived at birth. by the amazing team at Northcote Veterinary Surgery. Mum had no milk supply of any maternal affection towards Connie.

In the first few days Connie remained with her mum, much to Claras disgust so much so she tried “disposing” of connie in the water bowl.

Since birth we have fed Connie every hour. As well as feeding Connie, mum, Clara had had lots of TLC and attention too. We have been massaging her mammary glands several times a day with warm flannels to encourage milk production and flow. There is now slight milk production and after careful reintroduction over the last 24 hours, Clara is now accepting and mothering Connie.

Whilst there is a little milk production the flow and consistency seems weak however a mothers milk and love is always the best. We contine to feed Clara every hour and will monitor Connies behaviour very closely especially overnight tonight.

❤️We are delighted to see them happy together after 11 days of uncertainties ❤️