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Many of you well have been following the story of our little CC.

CC came to us as a tiny kitten with no eyes however was less than half the weight she should have been for her age.

For almost 3 weeks we have been intensively nursing CC and providing enteral nutrition through a nasogastric tube, feeding her every hour around the clock.

Despite CC having no interest in food or the ability to eat of her own volition we had to make the very difficult decision to remove the tube last night.

This was because her ears were becoming sore from the collars she was required to wear and and were at risk of becoming infected and whilst we have not ruled out the possibility of longer term enteral feeding solutions we do want to give CC the best chance to learn to eat herself.

We are currently giving her the same recovery liquid and she is continuing to increase in weight ( which has almost doubled in less than 3 weeks), CC is growing and also becoming very cheeky and playful too. The intensive and supportive care continues.