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Boudicca Update: More energy, gaining weight, neutered!

Boudicca sitting up, bright eyed.

When you invest in anything… you always hope for a return of some kind…. and this weekend I have certainly got my return.

In the last 14 weeks Boudi has gained over 2kg in weight. Her energy levels have greatly increased.

Today, at last she was neutered by our fantastic vets at Northcote.

In addition she had her routine blood tests done and all the results were within normal ranges.

I am so proud of Boudis determination and warrior spirit.

Thankyou to every one who has donated this special and expensive diet… you too have invested in her care.

It has been a decision within the team at the rescue that Boudicca will remain and live in the home of the rescue for the rest of her life not only due to the close bonds we have developed but also we are aware that at any point she could go downhill… and will never be completely out of the woods and may require complex and expensive veterinary interventions in the future.

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