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Can You Help CC Into the Future?

We are appealing for help supporting CC, who nutritional needs are currently costing £15 day, along with all the care and support our volunteers are giving her.

Many of you will have been following the story of our little CC.

CC came to us as a tiny kitten with no eyes however was less than half the weight she should have been for her age.

For almost 3 weeks we have been intensively nursing CC and providing enteral nutrition through a nasogastric tube… feeding her every hour around the clock.
Despite CC having no interest in food or the ability to eat of her own volition we had to make the very difficult decision to remove the tube a few days ago.

Enteral feeding is not along term solution…. and has many life limiting effects.

We are currently giving her the same recovery liquid and she is continuing to increase in weight ( which has almost doubled in less than 3 weeks), CC is growing and also becoming very cheeky and playful too.

We have discovered that as well as having no eyes CC also has other congenital defects… one being the function of her tongue and dental development .
This means she cannot physically eat unaided.

The safest and most nutritious option would be to continue the intensive and supportive nutritional care, by syringing the Royal Canin Recovery Liquid 8x in a 24 hour period.

Whilst this is very labour intensive … it is also a massive financial strain here at BCWR.

To give CC the best chance this will cost us £15 a day in nutrition alone.
Could you help CC into her future by sponsoring one days nutritional support a month.

If you feel you can help ” CC into the future please see out Donate page, and you can always visit the rescue in person if you prefer.

The rescue is open for visitors every weekend on Saturday and Sunday between 1pm and 4pm. Visitors are always welcome to call in to meet us and the kitties.

Many thanks