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Clarice Update

Many of you will have seen our new arrival Clarice who arrived Wednesday night dreadfully ill, moments from death following being found near Bradford Royal Infirmary. Well over 24 hours later, 24 hours of intensive care on our Critical Care Ward and at the vets Clarice is feeling a little brighter.

Last night her temperature was 34c, barely readable, and today its normal.
Today she has has various blood tests which shows nothing terrible, just so severely emaciated,dehydrated and cold.
In addition to this we also believe her to be blind too.

Clarice is not a young cat, possibly 12 to 15 years old. I’m sure once, she had family who loved her.

Clarice remains critically ill and her recovery will be slow, could you donate just £1 to her recovery fund?
The easiest way to donate is via PayPal using as the recipient. Please select the friends and family option so we are not charged a fee. Other ways to help are on our website: