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COVID Reminder

Hi guys.
This information may come across a little blunt.
Everyday for the last 10 months I have had between 20- 50 adoption enquiries…. mainly for kittens.
Whilst we are happy that people are wanting to adopt… now is just not the right time.
⚠️We are in a national lockdown.⚠️
🚫It is illegal to leave your home for anything other than work or essential travel. 🚫
🚷Adopting a cat or kitten is not an essential reason to leave your home at this time.
We have a duty of care to protect both our volunteers and visitors to the rescue… therefore during this difficult period we are not allowing any new adoption visits .🚷
🐕‍🦺🐈🦊🐩In addition to public health, our amazing vets throughout the UK are running a much reduced service in line with guidance from their regulatory body RCVS…therefore many preventative and routine procedures cannot go ahead… and the registration of new clients at vets is prohibited. 🐹🐇🐥🐠
The coronavirus pandemic has a huge ripple effect on the running of the rescue but all our current protocols are in place to keep everyone as safe as possible.
Please please respect our volunteers.
We don’t make the rules … we follow them to protect you.
Our NHS deserves us all to do the right thing now…. so that soon we can hopefully get back to some kind of normality soon.
All our cats and kittens in our care are being brilliantly looked after by our amazing foster network.
Those requiring specific nursing / intensive care are here at BCWR with me.
Every need for every cat is being met…. lets just focus on keeping every one as safe and well as possible.
❤Stay at home
💙Protect the NHS
💚Save lives