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Hooti Update

Hooti has been with us exactly 5 weeks today following having his tail and leg squished by a refuse collection wagon at a depot in Bradford on New Year’s Eve.

Hooti suffered catastrophic injuries as he fractured both major leg bones … the tibia and fibula…. however is lucky to be alive as 5 week old kitten vs Truck wouldn’t usually conclude in a positive outcome.

We are delighted this week to let you all know that Hooti has had follow up x-rays and no longer needs his little leg dressing now.
The bones are healing nicely and I think Hooti has his paws firmly under the table with one of our volunteers.

I think Hooti has Joanne wrapped around his little paw…so tight .. that I think he just might be signing his own adoption papers and staying there as an indoor cat… which is exactly what he needs.
Hooti now has a big ( very big) brother to look up to and Winston is looking after him very well.
Thankyou to every one who has helped Hooti recover from his ordeal… and we are so happy for his future.