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Sophie Update

Sophie has been with us just over 3 weeks.

Prior to this she has been living and very much looked after by workers in a mill all 12 years of her life.
Sophie has been in the vets all day for comparative radiographs.

Our vet called earlier to explain that the x-rays showed clear evidence of Osteo-sarcoma which is a cancer that begins in the cells that form bones.

This is most often found in the long bones of the legs.

There are limited options for treatment as there is no curative option.

We opted to initially x-ray chest to acertain if there were any Cannonball metastases.
The Chest Xray showed no evidence of spread so further discussions resulted in amputation of the limb in the hope that we have caught in time before any further spread (although this cannot be guaranteed .

We do believe that regardless of the final outcome Sophie will enjoy the rest of her life however long or short this may be with a good quality of life.
If you would like to contribute to Sophie’s unexpected vet account or sponsor Sophie in our Palliative Paws scheme please see our Donate page for how to help.

Many thanks ♥