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Cuba Update

Many of you have been following Cubas journey.

12 weeks ago we were alerted to Cuba by the wonderful refuse collectors at “silly o clock”.
Cuba had been left outside the rescue gates in a box with a few pouches of food…. despite being “dumped” he was lovingly wrapped in a towel inside the box.
When we brought him inside it was evident that 6 month old Cuba had the most horrific and historic injuries.

He had
❤ 4 broken legs.
❤A damaged tail.
❤A Chipped tooth.
❤And an obvious intense fear of men.

Over the following days we pieced information together and discovered that Cuba and his female owner was subject to months of horrific domestic violence and abuse by her partner… also his owner.

After 12 weeks of hard work, grit and determination we are delighted to tell you that Cuba is 99% recovered now and we just need to increase his physiotherapy and exercise now the external fixator and pi s have finally been removed.

Today Cuba received his first vaccination from our vet , and Cuba’s biggest Cheerleader Gemma Townsend who performed Cuba’s surgery and skillfully repaired his most broken leg and aided his entire recovery.

Over the last 12 weeks miraculously all Cubas other injuries have healed well….. and even he beautiful bushy tail is moving better too.
I want to say a massive thankyou to Gemma, David and all the wonderful nurses at Northcote Vets, who without, Cuba would not be the wonderful cheeky boy he has become.
I also want to thank everyone who supported Cubas care with kind words of encouragement and financial support.

We hope Cuba will soon have made a 100% recovery.
Cuba’s owner is now getting the help she needs and the perpetrator is in the hands of the Criminal Justice System.