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🖤🧡🖤Update Kripkey has a potential adopter coming to meet her🖤🧡🖤

This is 6 year old Kripkey.
Kripkey has been in the rescue now for 5 weeks and is now looking for her forever family.
Kripkey has a mild unknown neurological condition which can affect her balance.
For this reason she would need an indoor home or a home with a secure garden.
Kripkey is looking for a home with no other pets or young children as stress will exacerbate her symptoms.
Here are a few words from Ella, her fosterer for the last 5 weeks.
“She’s very affectionate and vocal, she’s a bit jumpy so a quiter home would probably be best. Loves catnip and watching videos of mice and birds on tv. Sometimes falls off furniture, she’s not always the most coordinated. Hates being picked up, but loves belly rubs Xx”
If you feel you could offer Kripkey a home please click the link below and quote Kripkey.
Thankyou .