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Cuba Update

💚Cuba update 💚
Cuba is doing really well this morning despite his 4 broken legs, severely damaged tail and fractured tooth.
I can honestly say this has been the most heart rending rescue ever at BCWR.
To dump such a severely injured cat in the pouring rain next to the bin outside the rescue gates at 2am (with pouches of kitten food) is such a callous and cowardly act.
The fear, pain and suffering he must have experienced in those 4 hours is immeasurable.

As you can see in the video Cuba is very comfortable this morning thanks to his strong pain relief around the clock and enjoying his breakfast.

Thankyou to everyone who has donated to Cuba so far.
😍If you would still like to donate to Cuba’s long journey to recovery and care PLEASE DO NOT MENTION CUBA IN THE PAYPAL REFERENCE. This triggers a security alert in their algorithms and payments are suspended!😍
See the Donate page for details on how you can help.

Many thanks