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Cuba Update

“Little C”. has had a long day in the vets today having lots of tests, investigations, xrays and examinations.
Almost 48 hours ago at 2am some one (believed to be his owner) dumped poor “Little C.” outside the rescue in a plastic box in the pouring rain.

From the moment we found him we were aware that he had sustained serious injuries.
Yesterday Cuba was too poorly to have an anesthetic for detailed and comprehensive tests and xrays.
We now have a full clinical picture of Little Cs injuries which are listed below.

Certainly one of the fractures will require orthopaedic surgery within a week or so.

which will most likely require surgery / amputation of the tail in the near future.

The pelvis appears reasonably OK with no obvious injury.
A possible pneumothorax however this is less likely now as respiration remains stable.
And not to forget ⚠️a fractured tooth!

This poor boy has sustained such terrible injuries yet together the vet and I feel that with intensive and supportive care, pain relief and time we are positive and hopeful that he could make a recovery.

The cost of Cuba’s care and treatment is likely to run well into the £1000’s but to us every life matters and every cat deserves a chance.
If you haven’t donated yet you can see how to help on our Donate page.

Many thanks
For all you lovely people who have donated to Cuba’s care so far THANK YOU.
There has been a little hitch with some PayPal payments today.
PayPal suggested perhaps asking our donators to not make reference to “Cuba” as it triggers a security concern but to use a reference such as “C💕” if you wish to use a specific reference.
Thankyou. X