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Cuba Update

Cuba has returned to the rescue after a full day at the vets.
It has been established that Cuba is around 6 to 8 month old.
Considering his current condition, Cuba was too unstable to be anaesthetised for xrays so only conscious x-rays could be done.

From these, we have been able to identify that both back legs are broken and we suspect that his front leg and pelvis may have suffered fractures too.
Cuba is due to return the the vets tomorrow morning after a full night’s monitoring and analgesia management in the hope we can gain a more comprehensive idea of his ailments.
His prognosis is still guarded.
We are still completely shocked at the callous nature of his arrival here.
Considering what we know so far Cuba full diagnosis ….. let alone care may extend beyond our current financial capacity.

Euthanasia has been discussed however we feel that we need to obtain more data to gain a full clinical picture and euthanasia would only be reasonably considered after all other avenues have been explored.
If you would like to donate towards Cuba’s diagnosis and care please see our Donate page.

Many thanks