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New Arrival: Cuba

New discovery at BCWR this morning.
Early this morning I was awoken by the refuse collectors.
They rang me from outside the rescue to tell me they had just noticed a cat in a box next to our bin.
Thankfully the Eagle Eyed Bradford Council workers didn’t assume the carrier was waiting to go in the bin collection.

I rushed out to the bin men and the cat and was so shocked at what I saw.
The cat was neatly tucked in with a towel, un opened cat food pouches and the poor cat was freezing and wet through.
As with all our cats I did a nose to tail health check and sadly “Cuba” has terrible injuries.
We believe he has a severely broken leg, a fractured tooth, head trauma and obvious hypothermia.
He has been rushed up to our vets and we await news.
We checked the CCTV. He was dumped at around 2am and then discovered by the bin men at 6.30am.

Seriously, I cannot dispute he has been left in a safe box outside the rescue which is the right place for him however he must have been in agony and suffered immeasurably overnight until he was found.

We really would like to speak to the owner or the person who brought him to the rescue.
If we could get a better picture of what has exactly happened and when, we will be more equipped to help Cuba.