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Dear Friends and Supporters of BCWR

Dear Friends and Supporters of BCWR
We hope that you are all keeping safe and well in these incredibly difficult times.
We thought you may like a little update on life here at the rescue.

This year, we have rescued 293 cats and kittens. Incredibly, 284 animals have been adopted. This has been no mean feat, as we have had to completely rewire our adoption process. Every aspect of the rescue is very different now, from vet visits, volunteer availability, adoption process and zero fundraising events held at the rescue.
We miss our visitors immensely. It’s so quiet without visitors and hardly any volunteers.

As you can imagine, running the rescue is physically, emotionally and financially draining at the best of times. However, over the last 7 months, we have been challenged more than ever before. We have some amazing volunteers, friends and supporters, without whom we simply would not still be standing.

Please bear in mind, if you contact the rescue for any reason, we have gone from 19 volunteers down to 4 core volunteers responsible for the day to day running of the rescue. In addition, we have a small team of fosterers (which we are not able to expand at this time) and Charlotte, who heads up our team of Adoption Advocates and is responsible for the management of the adoption system.
The only thing that hasn’t changed at the rescue is the care, love, compassion and dedication towards cats and kittens in need, and this is first and foremost our priority.
Most of our volunteer team also work, have family, caring and other commitments, yet choose to dedicate their time and energy to the rescue.
We expect that anyone contacting us, for whatever reason, to understand that we too are living in difficult times, and to treat us with the respect and kindness that we deserve. Just because we do not answer your texts, phone calls or emails immediately, does not mean that we care any less. Please be patient.

If you do wish to contact the rescue, the easiest way is through one of our enquiry forms. Please ensure that you check your details are correct, or we will be unable to contact you back.

Adoption Form – if you would like to start your adoption journey with BCWR, please fill in the form below.

Surrender a cat – if you are looking to surrender your cat, or have a stray in need, please complete the form below. If a cat is in urgent need of emergency treatment, please contact a vet.

Lost or missing cat – if your cat is lost or missing, you can complete the form below.

Calendar request – if you would like to order one of our 2021 calendars, featuring some of our gorgeous residents, please complete the form below. Please note, payment will need to be made separately.

Our Covid secure policies and protocols are under constant review, in order to follow Government guidance and to keep our volunteers, adopters and associates safe. Thank you for your cooperation and understanding.
BCWR family