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Did you know? SENSE Sanctuary

Did you know? SENSE Sanctuary

When Bradford Cat Watch Rescue & Sanctuary rescues any cat or kitten it is always with the intention to Rescue, Rehabilitate and Rehome when ready.
Sometimes this does not happen as the health or condition of the cat is not completely stable.

In this case we either introduce the cat to our SENSE Sanctuary which is a home from home environment with garden access or we look for a long term foster placement where the cat receives all the care he or she needs and Bradford Cat Watch Rescue and Sanctuary pay for all the veterinary costs associated with the cats conditionn/ illness.

Due to the nature of our rescue, the facilities we have and our skills and knowledge we always prioritise sick or injured cats and kittens over healthy pets .

This year already we have rescued 21 animals, rehomed 13 and reunited 2 with their owners.
This year so far we have not admitted any cats into our SENSE SANCTUARY.

We currently have:
2 cats in intensive care receiving around the clock nursing care.
5 cats in Transitional Care (which means they are not in intensive care but not ready to be elsewhere due to their high care needs and active surveillance requirements).
21 cats in our SENSE Sanctuary framework
8 cats/kittens in Kitty Cottage, all awaiting imminent rehoming or surgery or receiving post surgery care.
35 cats in foster homes, usually waiting until they are old enough or fit enough to be prepared for adoption.

We hope this gives you a little insight into the many facets of our Rescue and Sanctuary.