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Winter Update

❄️Winter Update❄️
It’s exactly 4 weeks since I was presented with a kitten that was minutes from death, unconscious, so cold her temperature was undetectable, blood glucose so low with goodness knew what injuries.

The way she arrived was certainly incompatible with life.

Over the last 4 weeks we have pieced together a picture of her mostcserious health concerns.

❄️ A serious head injury resulting in irreparable brain damage and blindness.

❄️2 broken limbs

❄️Seizures from the brain damage – likely to be on medication for the rest of her life to manage this.

❄️Left outside in sub zero temperatures and rain causing hypothermia, resulting in organ failure.

❄️Starvation – resulting in malnutrition, Dehydration and hypoglycaemia.

Up until a week ago Winter remained gravely ill and did have multiple seizures a day despite every day she was looking a little brighter.

Her temperature appears to have now stabilised as has her blood glucose levels.

Whilst Winter could not eat for the first 2 weeks she was happy to accept syringe feeding, very small amounts every 30 to 60 mins.

Winters mentation is slightly better and her seizures have now “paused” since starting her magic medicine just over 1 week ago.

Our Vet Team at Northcote Veterinary Surgery have been and continue to be bloody amazing!

Unfortunately we have had to prioritise saving her life over investigating her broken limbs as she has been too unwell to under go any surgery.

Winter remains on our Critical Care Ward in Intensive Care as she still has a long way to go.

We are continuing to monitor her around the clock both day and night and we cannot believe how far she has come and that she is still with us.

The saddest part of Winters story so far is knowing that SOMEONE has done this to her.

These injuries and presentations are not at all consistent with an accident. Winter has been badly abused in her first weeks of life.

We have a lot more building stregnth and recovery to do before considering the next phase of “fixing” Winter, which will involve looking at her fractured limbs and how best to treat them.

❄️ In the meantime we really dont want to read angry wasted comments about what has happened to Winter, instead we want to read kind, warm and encouraging wishes and words for Winter instead ❄️