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Dougal Update

So Dougal is now back from the vets do following his delicate procedure today.
His Nasal Gastric Tube has now been placed and we can now safely provide the specialist nutrition that he desperately needs.
Dougal is 4 to 5month old weighing 900g, the average weight of a 9 to 10 week old kitten.
It is believed Dougal has a condition called Lysosomal Storage Disease and his prognosis is very guarded.
Despite this, here at BCWR we will still try our hardest to give Dougal the best chance of survival.
Initially Dougal will be fed every 10 to 15 mins for the next 12 hours.
The food he needs is Royal Canin Recovery Liquid and whilst this is very expensive it is also the best food of its kind and the only safe one to be used in kittens with a feeding tube.

If you feel you might want to support Dougal we have found the cheapest place to buy this in the UK is Vetimed:
Alternatively you could visit our donate page for other ways to help.