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The Positives in Challenging Times

We have spent the last 24 weeks living in a completely different “world” to anything we have ever known.
Whilst there is no end for us in sight, we need to pull out the positives.
During this period of somewhat isolation and distance from many of our friends and supporters, we have found time to further improve things here at BCWR.
Here are some of the things we have achieved:
🧡 We have successfully hand-reared 19 kittens
🧡One of our biggest achievements is seeing the recovery of Thumper… Our paralysed little superstar from Hendon (in London)
🧡We have further developed our relationships and friendships with our lovely neighbours around the vicinity of BCWR, supporting each other in times of need
🧡We have redeveloped our entire adoption process making it more effective, safer and finding amazing homes for our cats and kittens thanks to Charlotte Bryceson
🧡Our Silver Whiskers partnership has really increased in the last few weeks, finding amazing homes for our older cats
🧡I (with great reluctance) have accepted the use of technology to create paper free, cash free systems which in-turn is safer and better for the environment ( And I now love it!!)
🧡We have for the first time with a little help from our friends Joanne Ambler and Mikey Brooks created our very own 2021 Calendar! Starring 12 of our cats with extra special needs. Calendars cost just £10 + £3 p+p.
Please email for details how to order

I think you will all agree that, whilst the last 24 weeks, and I’m sure many more to come, have been challenging there are positives that can be gained from our changed lifestyles.
We would love to hear about your positive changes that have come about this year due to the period of lockdown and change.