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STOPtacular – Dougal

This is 4 to 5 month old Dougal. Dougal is our latest ” complex ” kitten.
Weighing less than 1kg, Dougal is lacking much nutrition. He is around the size of a 9 week old kitten. In addition to him being under weight he has a long list of other issues too.

Dougal has severe neurological issues affecting his mobility and sight which is likely to also be responsible for him having seizures from such a young age. We must be extra careful around Dougal and provide a low sensory environment with no loud noises, sudden movements, strong odours or bright lights. Last night a bright light triggered a seizure.

Dougal must be monitored around the clock for changes in condition and behaviour.

We are appealing for your support to help fund Dougals complex care needs.
If you can help, please see our webite for details on donating:

Many thanks