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Elsa Update

Today we are so pleased to let you all know that Elsa continues to recover well 3 days after she was found dumped at the rescue via a 7 foot fence which she was flung over in sub zero temperatures several days before.

Hypothermic, hypoglycaemic, dehydrated, head trauma, neurological issues and unable to swallow and 3 days on she is no longer on heated intravenous fluids or being syringe fed.

Little Elsa is now able to maintain a healthy temperature and is eating herself too.
Elsa does still have a way to go before we can declare that she is fully recovered.

She still has neurological issues which we will monitor and liase with our vets for advice and support.

Thankyou to every one who has supported Elsa over the weekend as we intensively cared for her. (I may get to bed tonight 🤞)