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On Thursday Ernest was brought to us by a concerned member of the public as he was found collapsed at the side of the road in BD3. We rushed him straight up to the vets on Thursday where he was put Immediately on fluids and had blood taken which revealed liver issues.
Fast forward 48 hours, the owner has been located and is infact a client at our vets too.
Ernest is actually called Paris and he is 19 years old!

On Tuesday Paris had had blood tests and was already on treatment. Unfortunately Paris slipped out of the door at home and became disoriented and exhausted. Thankfully he was found.

As you can see from the photos below Paris has perked up significantly, has put on over 250g in weight and is now eating well.

This morning we arranged to meet the owner at the vets with a view to a review with the vet and handing him back to his owner, however a 3-way decision was made with the owner, veterinary surgeon and myself that it would be in Paris’ best interest to remain with us at the Sanctuary in our intensive care unit, on intravenous fluids to complete his current plan of treatment until Monday morning when we will drop him off at the vets so his owners can look after their much loved family pet Paris.

The owners have been strongly advised to ensure Paris stays indoors when he returns home after the weekend and we have already microchipped him and registered the chip too.

Sometimes we have to make exceptions to the rulebook to secure the welfare of the cats.