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New Arrival: Ernest

New Arrival at Bradford Cat Watch Rescue and Sanctuary
This is little old Ernest.
Ernest came to us this afternoon following being found on the streets in Bradford 3 Gain Lane area.

When he arrived it was clearly evident he was emaciated and severely dehydrated. It was also clear that he has had some recent bloodwork done in the last few days.

We cannot understand how someone could allow their pet out in this state let alone in these temperatures.

We rushed little Ernie to the vets given his very poor condition and he was immediately put on fluids and bloods were taken.

From the bloods and on examination we know that Ernest has significant liver issues, is jaundiced, anaemic, severely dehydrated, very malnourished and in extremely poor health.

Ernest is now back at the Sanctuary and is in intensive care on our Critical Care Ward.

If you think you know who this cat belongs to, or if you are a veterinary professional who has taken bloods from this cat, please do get in touch with us in confidence.