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❄️Winter Watch❄️

21 days ago could never have imagined writing this.

❄️It’s 21 days since lifeless Winter arrived with us at the rescue a breath from death.

In those 21 days Winter has really and miraculously fought hard to survive and today she hit a major milestone she has put on over 100% of her body weight and has now reached 1.13kg.

❄️Winter remains ill and we are still providing around the clock care EVERY DAY and night

This is exhausting yet very rewarding and despite her 2 broken limbs, serious head injury, resulting in significant brain damage and seizures every day we are seeing improvements.

❄️Winter has been Seizure Free since she started her special antiseizure medication on Tuesday Evening.

For everyone one who has supported Winter so far thank you very much. We could not do this without you.

❄️ Since starting the medication Winter is now eating Royal Canin Recovery Mousse Independently.

If you would like to donate £1 towards Winters special food all the ways you can help are on our Donate page.

Many thanks