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Winter’s Tale

It’s exactly 20 days since our little Warrior Winter arrived with us, frozen and lifeless.

Today, just 24 hours after she started her antiseizure medication we have seen a huge improvement in her condition.

Today so far she has had no seizures, has eaten 50% of her nutrition herself, has used the litter tray for a poop and has much more awareness of what’s going around her and has even found her little meow!!

It’s very early days and she has only been on the new medication for 24 hours.
There is a very long road to recovery and in addition we do have to address her severely fractured leg when she is strong enough.

We are in the process of introducing Royal Canin Recovery mousse and transitioning from the recovery liquid to promote a more independent nutritional intake.

Winter remains in intensive care on our Critical Care Ward and continues to be monitored very carefully and closely throughout the day and night.