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Evening News: CC Emergency Surgery

Here @ BCWR unexpected emergencies are inevitable, and even in this global crisis we are not immune from other emergencies.

Over the last couple of days we have noticed a decline in CC’s health. Her “eye sockets” were infected and weeping, her appetite was reduced and her breathing was becoming affected.

Despite the the restrictions laid down by the government vets are available at the momment for emergency and urgent care.

Following a telephone consultation between myself and our vet it was deemed urgent that surgery was performed.

CC has spent a long day at the vets having lengthy surgery to clean up and stitch up her eye area which was full of necrotic infected debris.

CC is now home and recovering and will be monitored overnight closely.

At this dreadful time we are all terribly affected by the global crisis.
As a rescue this is a particularly challenging time.
If any one would feel able to donate even just £1.00 to CCs surgery we would be so grateful.

Please click here to see our Donate page if you are able to help x

Many thanks

Many of you will remember CCs story… if not you can click here to read more.