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Feline Fit Update

A day later than planned (due to a medical emergency) I want to update you about Our Feline Fit Step into Summer Challenge.
We have had lots of participants start this, some adults, some children and indeed myself too.

Here is my Million Steps Story:
Despite trying really hard I didn’t quite make the Million Steps .
I walked nine hundred ninety-six thousand four hundred thirty-three steps in the 3 month sponsorship period 1st July to 30th September. Not quite a million steps. Whilst I would have preferred to walk the million steps I am proud of my acheivement. Throughout the 3 months I have barely left the home and garden other than to go to the emergency vets twice and also to go to medical appointments.
I have stood and fed kittens for hours most days, I have sat and monitored critical cats for days on end and still tried to keep stepping on the spot.
My personal goal is to still try acheive 10,000 steps in a day.

I have personally raised £766 in sponsorship and there is still time to donate and help me reach my goal if you think I deserve it!!! See the link at the bottom of this post.

I would like to hear all your Million Steps stories and achievements on our Facebook group, thank you to everyone who took part and also every one who sponsored us.
For all registered participants, if you did complete your million steps please post below and you will be put into the prize draw.

For parents of Children under 11 who took part (regardless of number of steps) please include your child’s Step Story below or send me a private message as we have something we wish to send each child.

If you’d like to sponsor me still, please click here:

Thank you.