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Purrfect Pound is Back!

Slightly later than planned due to a personal medical emergency.
During the early months of the pandemic we decided to take a break from BCWR’s Monthly Online Fundraising Drive “Purrrfect Pound”.
As a rescue we have suffered immeasurably from the impact of the Coronavirus physically, emotionally and financially.

We have had to cancel over 30 days of fundraising this year totaling a loss of around £10k. Our vets at Northcote have been so patient with us in this difficult time.
Now, 7 months later we are back with our Purrrfect Pound and this month we are raising money for little Chesterfield.

CHESTER is around 6 weeks old and came to us as an emergency admission.
Chester was involved in a freak accident.
Whilst playing in his home unbeknownst to his owner he snuck under a reclining chair and became trapped in the mechanism.
When they managed to free him from the chair some 10 to 15 mins later they knew Chester had sustained serious injuries.
Sadly they were unable to provide the care for Chester and rang to see if we could help.

Miraculously there have been no broken bones however his injuries are far more complicated.
Chester has suffered brachial plexus injury which means it has affected his ligaments, nerves and muscles.

The brachial plexus is a network of nerves that provides movement and feeling to the shoulder, leg and paw. The nerves supporting the leg exit the spinal column high in the neck; those that support the paws and digits exit lower in the neck.
There are months of physio and rehabilitation ahead for Chester and myself.

If you could donate just £1 towards Chesterfields care it would be amazing.
The easiest way to donate is by this link to PayPal:

Alternatively if you don’t have PayPal you can click here for an option to donate via card.

As always thank you for your continued support 😻