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Gkikas Update

You may remember Gkikas our one surviving premature kitten, born at least 2 weeks early, with no fur, not fully formed facial features or genitals and skin like tissue paper, unable to suckle and extremely underweight… skin so thin we could only pick him up in cotton gloves.

Well here you can see almost 7 weeks later, he is now full of fur, peeing and pooping normally as he rolls into the litter tray, still unable to eat but happy to be syringe fed.

Despite his perfect appearance, we cannot calculate the underdevelopment internally.
Unfortunately his traumatic and early birth has left him brain damaged and has little coordination… and often falls over.

We have decided to rename him Humpty Dumpty.

Obviously Humpty Dumpty is not being considered for adoption as he remains in intensive care on our Critical Care Ward.