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Charlie Update

❤️💚❤️Charlie update & Appeal ❤️💚❤️

Little ten week old Charlie has spent the day in the vets today having radiographs of his hind limbs , spine and pelvis.

We were really shocked to see the results.

Poor Charlie has multiple injuries.
His right hind limb has 3 fractures, The pelvis is fractured on the left hand side and there is also a crushed vertebrae.

It is highly likely that Charlie has either been stamped on or been run over at slow speed by a motor vehicle.

Charlie is now back on our Critical Care Ward in intensive care at Bradford Cat Watch Rescue & Sanctuary

Unfortunately Charlie is not currently strong enough to undergo invasive surgery at this time and we need to concentrate on building him up to ensure he is fit for life saving surgery in the near future..

We expect Charlie’s total care veterinary
package to exceed £4000

❤️💚❤️COULD YOU PLEASE DONATE JUST £1-00 FOR Charlies veterinary care??❤️💚❤️

If you would like to donate towards Charlies care all the ways you can help are on our website:

As always, thank you all x x