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Halloween and the Bonfire Season

Halloween and the Bonfire Season can be an exciting time for some however is often terrifying for others … especially our pets.

It is for this reason that Bradford Cat Watch Rescue & Sanctuary will NOT be rehoming throughout these two busy , noisy and frightful weekends with these potential dangers:








Candles and glow sticks





Here are a few things to consider that could help your cat if there are fireworks in your area:


Ensure your cat is safely indoors before dark


Provide your cat with a safe and comfortable hiding place


Don’t try to force interactions with your cat


Use treats and toys to distract your cat from the firework noise


Plug a pheromone diffuser into the room your cat spends most of their time in . We recommend pet remedy.


If you are holding your own display, try to light the fireworks as far away from the house as possible and try silent or quieter fireworks