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Winter’s Full Moon

Did you know the power of the moon really does have a significant affect on the brain.
Full moons are traditionally associated with insomnia, insanity (hence the terms lunacy and lunatic) and various “magical phenomena” such as lycanthropy.

At Bradford Cat Watch Rescue and Sanctuary we are affiliated with many veterinary professionals who all have different schools of thought and ideologies on various subjects.

In a Consultation around 4 months ago one of our amazing vets at Northcote Veterinary Surgery suggested that we looked at the frequency of Winters seizures in relation to the incidence of a Full Moon.

Initially I was skeptical about this idea however curious too…. especially as in the previous week in a 4 day period (leading up to the full moon) Winter had had over 50 seizures!!

As we always record any medical incidents this wasn’t hard to retrospectively analyse the findings.

Indeed, there appeared to be a link between the exacerbation of seizures and the Lunar Calendar.
When I fed the information back to the vet we discussed it further.

I was fascinated!!

I questioned how this could have such an impact and she explained it like this.

“The moon controls the Tide of the Sea. Millions of gallons of water are shifted by the powers of the moon EVERYDAY- this is how powerful the moon is.”

The Full Moon phase is thought to be the most powerful of all phases.

Now here is the science bit.

In Winters case, In the days leading up to the Full Moon, we believe the water in her body is altered and increased causing intracranial pressure which affects the electroactivity in her brain resulting in an exacerbation of seizures.
For the last 3 months Winter has been prescribed a daily medication to reduce the amount of fluid in her body (diuretic) 5 days leading up to and including the day of the Full moon.

Remarkably the clustering and exacerbation of seizures in this period have decreased massively- in fact in the last 3 days she hasn’t had one seizure and TONIGHT is another FULL MOON

I honestly could not believe the findings.
I was very much skeptical and for me I really do have to see it to believe it – and I have!!
I have found these findings very interesting and hope you do too.