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Hawkins Update

This big little boy has been through so much.
When he came to us his “carer” believed he was paralysed in his hind limbs.
Due to our successes with other cats such as Thumper his Carer felt at the time we, as a rescue, would be best suited to his needs.
When he arrived with us his presentation was very different.
He has full mobility however is a little ataxic on his hind legs, most probably due to a neurological condition not a spinal injury as we were led to believe.
Prior to coming to us his finder ensured he was neutered.
Due to his nervous disposition she was unsure whether he was indeed male or female so booked him in the vets as unknown gender.
UNBELIEVABLY… the vets assumed he was female and proceeded to open him up (rather than check by lifting his tail when he was asleep).
The following day he came to me and went into foster care with one of our amazing and patient volunteers.

Here is her view of Hawkins Journey.
“Hawkins is turning into an absolute sweetheart. A few days after I got him he bit me and I was made to go to hospital for the first time in 30 years(!) but now he secretly loves me. He adores having his head and shoulders scratched, and purrs when I brush him. His back legs are a little wibbly wobbly so he doesn’t really get on with my vinyl floor and he sits funny sometimes, but that don’t stop him moving, climbing or playing around. His confidence still needs a lot of work but we’re making steady progress”.

This is an amazing and somewhat roller coaster journey. Well done Ellen.

It has taken time to get to this stage with Hawkins. Yesterday (shockingly) it was assumed by his previous carer that because of a lack of updates and him not yet being on our social media platforms yet that we had opted for euthanasia rather than working with this complex kitty.

As a rescue we would never give up on a cat regardless of age, gender, colour, ability, disability, care required, time needed or financial implications.