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Hollins Update

You may remember on Friday night at stupid O’ clock we were called to help an injured cat who had been spotted in the vast grounds for several days.

Yesterday she went to be assessed by our team at Northcote Veterinary Surgery to work out a plan to help her.

Hollins is notba young cat and is very timid at this time.

We believe the injuries of her leg are old fractures which have been left to heal however the bones havent msde a great union and this has left her with a wonky leg.
In addition to the leg injury we also believe she has pellets from a BB type gun lodged in her body including her neck.

Before investigating her injuries fully we need to build her up nutritionally so she is safe for a lengthy anasthetic so that a Catogram and detailed radiographs of her leg can be done.
This will enable us to see what extent the injuries are and how many and where exactly the pellets are.

Further investigations are pencilled in , in 2 weeks.