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New Arrival Eeyore

New arrival at Bradford Cat Watch Rescue & Sanctuary today.
This is little Eeyore .
Eeyore is around 8 weeks old and covered in fleas and what seems like a heavy worm burden.
We were sent the video of Eeyore at Schoolmoor Cemetery by the ‘ finder’ and due to his terrible appearence and distress we immediately went to collect him.
When we got there he was soaking wet despite the blazing sun and unseasonally high temperatures.
The ‘ group of “finders” suggested that maybe he had been rained on ” ya kno like a localised shower”… very localised!!
We highly suspect that the people who dumped him there actually were still within the vicinity.

Little Eeyore is very shaken up by what ever happened before we arrived and is currently on our critical care ward in intensive care.
We hope that he soon weels better with love, nutrition and all the care he needs.