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Humpty Dumpty Update

Another busy night at Bradford Cat Watch Rescue & Sanctuary

Humpty Dumpty took.a turn for the worse this morning and we rushed him up to the vets who have looked after him all day.

HD didnt have any specific symptoms… just a little dehydrated and mothers instinct that he wasnt quite right.

Blood tests didnt show anthing major and all his organs are functioning well.

You may remember HD was born last August very premature with no fur or facial featues.
His skin was like tisse paper and for tge first 6 weeks of his life he had no suckle reflex either…. so its no wonder he is experiencing complications.

We will be nursing HD throughout the night and monitoring him closely as he is on intravenous fluid therapy.
Humpty Dumpty has just had a big wee and some royal canin recovery liquid for supper.