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Humpty Dumpty’s Busy Morning

It has been busy morning for little Humpty Dumpty Bradford Cat Watch Rescue & Sanctuary .

Despite HDs additional needs and been birn terribly prematurely, leaving him with brain damage, he is still a little boy and certain things still need taking care of!!

HD is now 9 months old and has just been neutered today!!

We usually neuter at around 4- 5 months old however it is around this time HD had several serious neurological / central nervous system incidents believed to be haemorrhagic strokes.

Hd’s procedure went really well even though when waking up he had a little seizure which required treatment and was able to come home soon after.

As a precaution he will be on intravenous fluids for the next few hours.

Thankyou to all the nurses and Della the vet for looking after Humpty Dumpty ( and me ❤️)this morning.


Humptys TERRIBLE Tuesday has ended with snuggles on the bed… intertwined with chicken and recovery liquid… NOT SO TERRIBLE HD after all???

He will be reviewed in an hour and if still doing well we will remove his fluids for the night then if continues to improve we will remove his cannula in the morning.