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Rosa’s Big Day

So, today is Rosas big day.

We are having extra snuggles this morning in place of breakfast.

Its exactly 14 weeks today since Rosa arrived with us. We were doubtful she would survive the first night and we cannot believe how far she has come….
The surgery Rosa is about to undergo today has never been attempted before ( certainly in the UK) and only 2 leading eye specialists have seen similar ( not the same) cases once before.

We have absolutely faith in our compassionate, dedicated and knowledgeable team at Northcote Veterinary Surgery and know that Gemma and David will do their absolute best to begin to restore function of her eyes so that she can blink again!

Gemma herself has spent weeks researching, speaking to the 2 leading eye specialists several times, …. and last night spent hours studying, drawing diagrams and preparing for today.

We are expecting several surgeries over a period of time…. today is just the beginning of a beautiful healing.

Good luck Rosa, Gemma, David, and of course todays fabulous nursing team at Northcote too.