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Rosa’s Big Day Part 2

Rosa update
14 weeks ago today little Rosa arrived with us at Bradford Cat Watch Rescue & Sanctuary, broken, burnt and barely alive.

Against the odds, Rosa has fought an almost impossible battle and in this time her healing has been miraculous.

Today Rosa underwent groundbreaking surgery to start to repair her broken little face.

We always have every faith in our amazing vets at Northcote Veterinary Surgery .

Gemma is the lead surgeon in the surgical aspect of Rosas Recovery and has relentlessly researched and liased with the 2 leading eye specialists in the county.

Because this surgery has never been done before there is no textbook to follow and Gemma needed to release her “inner clinical creativity”.

Gemma was supported by the Northcotes lead clinician David who has also had great imput into Rosas Recovery so far.

Plan A, B, C and D were all written, diagrams drawn and put up all over the walls of the operating theatre .

Specialist equiptment was purchased by the practice to assist with this intricate surgery.

When we dropped Rosa off this morning, I shed a little tear, kissed her goodbye and wished the entire team lots of luck.

In simple terms we believe the surgery was a success.

The tissue around the eye was completely reconstructed . A wedge was removed to create a ” normal” eyelid, and a flap of skin was rotated to provide a base for healing.

There is an area on her head / face where the scar tissue has fused to her skull and it was imperative this was not disturbed.

So many things could have gone wrong today, but thankfully it didn’t.

Today is only the first of several operations that Rosa will require, and the next one in pencilled in , in around a months time.

Rosa is now back with us at the Sanctuary in her new Recovery Room and we hope she has a restful night as she begins to recover .

Thankyou to every one who has made Rosas Recovery Journey possible so far…. especially Gemma, David, Natalie, Sophie and Kimberly who were with Rosa today Northcote Veterinary Surgery