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Inca Update

Little Inca has since been in our care for over 48 hours however has spent all that time at Abbey House Veterinary Hospital having emergency life saving treatment.

Inca has spent those 2 days on intravenous fluids, had strong painkillers and antibiotics.
Her mouth is red raw and full of ulceration.

Unfortunately, due to the pain in her mouth Inca is unable to eat and it would seem that she didn’t eat for at least 6 days prior to the esophageal being surgically placed.

Inca will be fed small amounts every 3 hours.

Unfortunately saving Incas life has come at a price. For the last 48 hours critical care Incas care has amounted up to just over £2000.

This is a phenomenal amount of money for us to spend on emergency care and her specialist nutrition and drugs will cost over £16 per day whilst we continue to nurse her at Bradford Cat Watch Rescue & Sanctuary on our critical care ward.

Could you donate just £1 towards Incas life saving veterinary care that she has received over the last 48 hours and hopefully will continue to receive at Northcote Veterinary Surgery over the coming weeks.

All the ways you can help are on our website: