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Meadow Update

Look at little Meadow in her new Boob Tube at Bradford Cat Watch Rescue & Sanctuary. Meadow is now 15 weeks old and has been with us 10 weeks.

When Meadow first came to us she had been bathed in bleach as her owners believed it woukd deal with her flea infestation. Unfortunately the bleach almost killed her. She had widespread chemical burns throughout her body, in her mouth and throat.

Meadow has healed really well and is a very happy kitten however is still unable to eat. Yesterday she had another oesophageal tube surgically plsce as her previous one had slipped out over time. Her little boob tube holds her in place.

Meadow is fed Royal Canin Recovery Liquid and is currently clocking up a £15 a day habit in nutrition! In all honesty we do not know if her mouth and throat will ever heal and we are currently exploring longterm nutrition solutions with specialist vets.