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This is little Inca ( formally Tippie) .

Inca has been under the care of another rescue for the last few days and has been an inpatient at Abbey house vets for the last 3 days .

Unfortunately this afternoon the other rescue felt that they couldn’t care adequately for her and contacted us.

She had already been collected by the other rescue despite being mid treatment.

We agreed to take on Inca.

Inca is approximately 3 month old, extremely under nourished, dehydrated, anorexic has a terribly sore mouth, is pyrexic and hasnt eaten for days.

As soon as Inca arrived with us we returned to Abbey House Veterinary Hospital on welfare grounds so she could continue the care she so desperately needs to have a chance of survival.

This evening the plan is to recommence the intravenous fluids and stabilise her in preparation for hopefully a general anesthetic tomorrow so a feeding tube can be placed.

We are expecting Incas hospital stay to exceed £1800.

If you feel you could donate to Inca’ s care there are several ways you can do this, all the ways you can help are on our website: