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Scamp Update

Its 15 days since little Scamp arrived at Bradford Cat Watch Rescue & Sanctuary with lots of issues and problems.

Scamp has spend another day with his friends at Leeds Veterinary Centre who are slowly unravelling the complexity of littke Scampr body.whikst onnthe outside he looks perfect… from the underside and inside he is far from perfect.

Scamp has a very deformed anus, colon and also sex organs.

The biggest problem at the moment is the deformed anus which is making it very difficut for Scamp to poop, which in itself life threatening.

Today Scamp had a general anesthetic and a procedure in which his bottom was stretched using a balloon catheter .this wil likely be a temporary fix and will most likely need repeating in 7 to 10 days.


Scamp is also believed to have “male Pseudohermaphroditism” which is very rare.

In short, it’s that it’s a male cat with testicles somewhere but the external genitalia appears more female.

Scamp has such a long and uncertain road ahead of him … and already innm the last 15 days in vetcare alone, his cost of care has exceeded £1200 between Northcote Veterinary Surgery and Leeds VeterinaryCentre.

If you woukd like to donate to Scamps ever increasing veterinary all the ways you can help are on our website: