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New Arrival: Little Mo

New arrival at Bradford Cat Watch Rescue & Sanctuary
This is little Mo.

Mo came to us over the weekend due to Mo’s deteriorating health. Mo was found as a stray in Leeds and the finders made every attempt to find the owner and in the end decided to take full responsibility for him.

They took him to their vets where he had all the necessary checks and had his first vaccination.
Unfortunately days later Mo began to have violent seizures and tge rushe him to the vets where he had blood tests, examination and started treatment.

Unfortunately Mo’s condition was not improving and the family found this impossible to manage.
They reached out to us as a last resort and Mo is now settled in our surveillance unit where he is monitored and checked several times an hour both in person and by video link.

We have witnessed Mo having seizures and they indeed are quite violent .

Mo is booked in for further assessments and tests this week and is currently being looked after and monitored by our Critical care team.