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Independent Living at BCWR

Independent Living at BCWR
Not all cats want human interaction.
This is Myrtle.

Prior to coming to BCWR over 4 years ago, Myrtle was very much a street cat in Bradford, part of a colony that we worked hard to dissolve.
Myrtle came in with 3 generations of kittens some of whom are still here at BCWR also living an independent life.

Charlotte is living her best life in the home and garden of our Sanctuary where she is safe and all her 5 welfare needs are met and more.
Whilst Charlotte is timid and will not accept human interaction, she is getting braver every day.

This is Medal at Bradford Cat Watch Rescue and Sanctuary.
Medal is one of Independent cats, who apart from essential medical interventions, will not tolerate any human interaction what so ever.
Medal was rescues 4 years ago for a large colony which we managed to dissolve in time.
Medal loves living and thriving in the home and garden of his Sanctuary.

All their basic welfare needs are met.

  • live in a suitable environment.
  • eat a suitable diet.
  • exhibit normal behaviour patterns.
  • to be with, or apart from, other animals
  • be protected from pain, suffering, injury and disease.
    Some cats will never sit on your knee hovever all deserve love and kindness and all 5 welfare needs to be met .