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Did you know? Tipple

Did you know?
Tipple currently is our longest resident in Team SENSE at BCWR.

Tipple is almost 12 years old and we have known him since he was a 6 week old kitten.
Tipple has Cerebellar hypoplasia which we are familiar with but also has a feline equivalent of Downs Syndrome.
Tipple is a complete love bug and simply adores snoozing in the sunshine.

What is Team Sense?
As a rescue we are unique in that we have many cats and kittens with severe disabilities and extra special needs.
When working with kitties with extra special needs we work within our SENSE framework
We take into account all their individual needs in order to achieve:-

We believe that in providing these 5 elements of care to our cats with extra special needs, that their quality of life will be the best it possibly can be.
We are often questioned about the quality of life for our disabled kitties and if you wish to know more please ask.